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    As a sports dietitian, I am constantly asked for practical ways to help fuel athletes. From school to meetings to training to competitions, athletes of every age, shape and sport are challenged to fuel their bodies appropriately. I know that if athletes will make nutrition and hydration a top priority, it will give them an edge and ultimately help them perform their best!

     Here’s the Play-by-Play on the Fueling the Athlete video:

    • Fueling the Day
      • Carbohydrates
      • Protein
      • Fat
      • Tips to Build a Nutrient-rich Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
      • Fueling Snacks
      • Fluids
    • Fueling Exercise
      • Meal Timing
      • Pre-Exercise Fuel and Hydration
      • During-Exercise Fuel and Hydration
      • Post- Exercise Recovery Fuel and Hydration
    • Fueling Schedules
      • Fueling Morning Workouts
      • Fueling Afternoon Workouts
      • Fueling 2-a-day Workouts
      • Fueling Competitions

     Here’s the Play-by-Play on the Hydrating the Athlete video:

    • Why Hydrate?
      • Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration
      • Hydration Tests
      • How to Calculate Individual Sweat Rates
    • Daily Hydration
      • Daily Hydration Needs by Age
      • What Counts as Fluid
      • Fueling with Fluid
    • Hydration for Exercise
      • Pre-, During- and Post Exercise Hydration
      • How to Prevent and Delay Cramping
      • Sports Drinks Versus Water
      • Recovery Nutrition and Hydration

    Purchase of a membership to the Fueling and Hydrating the Athlete video pack gives you unlimited access to BOTH videos for one year. You can show your athletes, parents and staff as many times as you’d like! Help take your athletes’ performance to the next level with proper sports nutrition and hydration!