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    Fueling the Athlete is a 22-minute video designed to bring a sports dietitian to your athletes! This video covers the ins and outs of fueling. Athletes will learn about carbohydrates, proteins and fats, their importance, the best choices and how to include them at all meals and snacks to help fuel their day. Athletes will also learn how to fuel and hydrate pre-, during- and post-exercise to maximize their performance and recovery. Finally, the video will cover fueling schedules to teach athletes when and what they should eat based on the time of day they train and compete.

    As a sports dietitian, I am constantly asked for practical ways to help fuel athletes. From school to meetings to training to competitions, athletes of every age, shape and sport are challenged to fuel their bodies appropriately. I know that if athletes will make nutrition and hydration a top priority, it will give them an edge and ultimately help them perform their best!

     Here’s the Play-by-Play on the Fueling the Athlete video:

    • Fueling the Day
      • Carbohydrates
      • Protein
      • Fat
      • Tips to Build a Nutrient-rich Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
      • Fueling Snacks
      • Fluids
    • Fueling Exercise
      • Meal Timing
      • Pre-Exercise Fuel and Hydration
      • During-Exercise Fuel and Hydration
      • Post- Exercise Recovery Fuel and Hydration
    • Fueling Schedules
      • Fueling Morning Workouts
      • Fueling Afternoon Workouts
      • Fueling 2-a-day Workouts
      • Fueling Competitions

    Purchase of a membership to the Fueling the Athlete video gives you unlimited access to it for one year. You can show your athletes, parents and staff as many times as you’d like! Help take your athletes’ performance to the next level with proper sports nutrition and hydration!